Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs C Stringer
Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs N Hetherington (Lead DSL)

Assistant Headteachers:

Mrs H Branscomb (Quality of Education Lead)
Ms T Tomes (Behaviour and Inclusion Lead)

Mr L Pegley (Personal Development & Curriculum Health & Safety Lead)



Mrs S Collier

Teaching Assistant: Mrs G Alexander
Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Lee

EYFS Apprentice: Miss D Wills



Mrs L Carter (Foundation Stage Phase Lead)

Mrs C Bird (Deputy DSL)

Mrs N Dixon

Miss J Gohil

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J Patrick

Mrs J Anderson

Year 1


Mrs J Harrison/Mrs R Tanner

Miss E Lowe

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs B Webb

Mrs A Rowlston

Year 2


Mrs J Crinigan

Mrs L Carter (Foundation Stage Lead)

Miss E Berry

Mrs H Oxborough

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs B Mills

Mrs L North

Mrs M Dhasi (am)

Year 3


Miss K Butcher (Maths Lead)

Miss L Turner

Mrs L Keeves/Mr A Brown

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs H Acteson

Mrs C Clarke

Mrs L Beaver (am)

Mrs U Aslam (1:1 Support)

Mrs Kesic (1:1 Support)

Year 4


Mr S Watts (Writing Lead)

Miss K Jeskins

Miss S Campbell

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Gibson

Mr D Rye

Mrs M Dhasi (pm)

Mrs D Arrow (1:1 Support)

Ms M O'Hagan (1:1 Support)

Year 5


Mr T Sutcliffe (Science and Computing Lead)

Mr P Bernard

Miss N Kumari

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs G Scott (am)

Year 6


Mrs T Lomas

Miss C Chan

Mr S Davies

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs L Beaver (pm)

Mr S Parsons

Mrs C Jacques

Mrs E Hulme (1:1 Support)

All Years

PPA Cover (MFL):

Dr I Dohotaru 

Sports Coach:

Mr S Owen

PPA Cover (Music): Mr J Grady
Forest School: Mr A Brown

Inclusion Team


Mrs R Kelsall-Gooch

Child and Family Lead: Mrs J McSweeney (Deputy DSL)
Learning Mentors:

Miss D Rees

Miss A Warr

Mrs G Scott (pm)


Senior Midday Supervisor: Mrs J Randle
Midday Supervisors:

Mrs J Price
Mrs J Gwilym
Mrs S Wordley

Mrs C Lim

Miss Z Cormack

Mrs L Rajapaska

Mrs B Hagues

Mrs C Matthews
Mrs B Cresswell

Mrs R Sooraj

Mr S Parsons

Mrs L Scott-Jones

Mrs N Younes

The school also has 2 external play leaders from Game On, who work with groups of children during lunchtimes.

Office Staff

School Business Manager: Mrs L Grant
Finance & Admin Officer: Mrs C Gibbons
PA to Headteacher/Admin: Miss L Mercer
Admin Assistant:

Mrs C Tassell

Site Staff

Site Manager:

Mr K Boswell

Cleaning Supervisor: Miss L Rotheram

Mrs D Simmonds

Mrs A Ali

Mrs B Hagues