Acting Headteacher Mrs R Barton
(Year 3)
Acting Headteacher Mrs N Hetherington


Teacher: Mrs C Bird (SENDCo)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Y Carr
Mrs K Donaldson


Teachers: Miss L Mahoney (Foundation Stage Phase Leader)
Mrs O Whatcott
Miss C Monaghan
TA’s: Mrs J Anderson
Mrs J Patrick
Mrs C Kimber

Year 1

Teachers: Miss A Hill
Miss J Gohil

Mrs B Mills (Midday Supervisor)
Miss A Warr (MDS)

Mrs J Platt (1:1 Support)

Year 2

Teachers: Miss K Jeskins
Mrs J Harrison
Mrs J Crinigan (KS1 Phase Leader)
Miss S McNaughton
TA’s: Mrs K Gladman
Miss G Rigden (MDS)
Mrs H Acteson (MDS)

Year 3

Teachers: Miss D Curle (English)
Mrs J Russell
TA’s: Mrs M Hayden
Miss S Campbell
Mrs B Webb (1:1 Support)

Year 4

Teachers: Miss Cox (Lower KS2 Phase Leader)
Mr S Watts
TA’s: Mrs C Mann
Mrs Kassia Kazimierczak (Polish support)
Mrs D Arrow (1:1 Support)

Year 5

Teachers: Mr T Sutcliffe (Wider curriculum, Staff governor, Online safety)
Miss H Newman
TA’s: Mrs L Beaver
Mr S Parsons
Mrs J Scarsbrook (1:1 Support)

Year 6

Teachers: Miss H Smith (Upper KS2 Phase Leader)
Miss K Butcher (Maths)

Miss L Gibbs (MDS)
Mrs J Rochelle

All Years

French: Mrs Johanna Simmons
PE: Mr Scott Owen
Languages Support:

Mrs Magda Edwards

Apprentice: Mrs E Fuentes

Inclusion Team

Child and Family Lead: Mrs Jeanette McSweeney
Learning Mentor: Miss Donna Rees


Senior midday supervisor: Mrs Jo Randle
Midday Supervisors: Mrs Jacqui Price
Mrs Megan Jones
Mrs Jane Gwilym
Mrs Sheila Wordley
Mrs Samantha Gibson

The school also has 3 play leaders from Rugby Borough Council

Office Staff

School Business Manager: Mrs Lorraine Grant
Finance & Admin Officer: Mrs Cindy Gibbons
Admin Assistants:

Mrs Charlotte Cole

Miss Lucie Mercer

Site Staff

Manager Mr Keith Boswell

Mrs Julie Laurie
Mrs Diane Simmonds
Mrs Tracey Grimsley
Mrs Amy Ali

Miss Danielle Wilkins

Please see below for the code of conduct which all staff have signed up to: