Acting Headteacher Mrs R Barton
(Year 3)
Acting Headteacher Mrs N Hetherington


Teacher: Mrs C Bird (SENDCo)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Y Carr
Mrs K Donaldson


Teachers: Miss L Mahoney (Foundation Stage Phase Leader)
Mrs O Whatcott
Miss C Monaghan
TA’s: Mrs J Anderson
Mrs J Patrick
Mrs C Kimber

Year 1

Teachers: Miss A Hill
Miss J Gohil

Mrs B Mills (Midday Supervisor)
Miss A Warr (MDS)

Mrs S Brightman (1:1 Support)

Year 2

Teachers: Miss K Jeskins
Mrs J Harrison
Mrs J Crinigan (KS1 Phase Leader)
Miss S McNaughton
TA’s: Mrs K Gladman
Miss G Rigden (MDS)
Mrs H Acteson (MDS)

Year 3

Teachers: Miss D Curle (English)
Mrs J Russell
TA’s: Mrs M Hayden
Miss S Campbell
Mrs B Webb (1:1 Support)

Year 4

Teachers: Miss Cox (Lower KS2 Phase Leader)
Mr S Watts
TA’s: Mrs C Mann
Mrs Kassia Kazimierczak (Polish support)
Mrs D Arrow (1:1 Support)

Year 5

Teachers: Mr T Sutcliffe (Wider curriculum, Staff governor, Online safety)
Miss H Newman
TA’s: Mrs L Beaver
Mr S Parsons
Mrs J Scarsbrook (1:1 Support)

Year 6

Teachers: Miss Holly Smith (Upper KS2 Phase Leader)
Miss Kayleigh Butcher (Maths)

Miss Laura Gibbs (MDS)
Mrs Jenny Rochelle

All Years

French: Mrs Johanna Simmons
PE: Mr Scott Owen
Languages Support:

Mrs Magda Edwards

Apprentice: Mrs E Fuentes

Inclusion Team

Child and Family Lead: Mrs Jeanette McSweeney
Learning Mentor: Miss Donna Rees


Senior midday supervisor: Mrs Jo Randle
Midday Supervisors: Mrs Jacqui Price
Mrs Megan Jones
Mrs Jane Gwilym
Mrs Sheila Wordley
Mrs Veronica Derricott
Mrs Samantha Gibson

The school also has 3 play leaders from Rugby Borough Council

Office Staff

School business manager: Mrs Lorraine Grant
School Administrator: Mrs Katrina Marshall
Admin Assistant: Mrs Cindy Gibbons

Site Staff

Manager Mr Keith Boswell
Cleaners: Mrs Julie Laurie
Mrs Diane Simmonds
Mrs Tracey Grimsley
Mrs Amy Ali

Please see below for the code of conduct which all staff have signed up to: