SEND and Inclusion

At Long Lawford Primary School the member of staff responsible for coordinating provision for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities is Mrs R Kelsall-Gooch.

The school follows the 2014 SEN Code of Practice for children who have special or additional needs.

All classes in school are of mixed ability, and teachers provide learning opportunities that are specially designed to match the ability of each pupil. They do this by using a variety of materials and classroom support.  Not every child that is identified as having special educational needs will require a one-to-one member of staff to support them.  The SENCo looks at provision across the school and deploys resources as needed.

If a child has special or additional needs, parents will be informed that their child is being registered on the special educational needs register. These children will have an Individual Provision Map or a Pastoral Plan, which is reviewed with parents each term.

The school works closely with the Specialist Teacher Service and the Educational Psychology Service in order to support the needs of all learners.  If the SENCo feels that a referral to these services would support both your child and school staff, parents will be spoken to and a consent form discussed.

Schools are required to publish details of their SEND and disability provision in a School SEND Information Report. Our report, can be viewed by clicking on the document at the bottom of this page.

Assess, Plan, Do, Review Cycle

You may hear school staff talking about the "assess, plan, do, review cycle".  To find out what this is, see the below video.

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The SEND Offer at LLPS

Our SEND offer is outlined in the SEND Policy and Information Report.  Our offer is available at the bottom of this webpage.


Please also see the WCC SEND Provision Matrix for the graduated response for schools here.


Warwickshire SEND Local Offer

Warwickshire have their own local offer, which can be found here.

Warwickshire SEND Information, Advice and Support Service SENDIAS supports parents and carers of all Warwickshire children with special educational needs and disability (SEND), whether they are of pre-school age, or in a mainstream or special school.

Warwickshire also have the SEND and Inclusion Change Programme, focused on improving the quality of SEND and Inclusion across all schools in Warwickshire.   To find out more, click here.

If you would like to know more about how to apply for an Education and Health Care Plan, Warwickshire have criteria for schools and parents that explain the application process and criteria for when a child or young person may require additional and significant support in order for a child's needs to be met.  The criteria can be found here.



As a school, we strive to make the school site, learning and information as accessible as possible.  To read more about how we do this, please take a look at the policy below.  We also promote the Warwickshire Inclusion Charter, and ensure we follow it's principals.  You can see the Inclusion Charter here:

Medical Needs and Support

The school has a number of qualified first-aiders on site.  Should your child become ill during the day, you or another of your child's emergency contacts will be telephoned to collect them.

When a child has been prescribed medication, and it needs to be administered in school hours (e.g. 4 or more times a day), parents must complete a Medication form which is available from the Main Office.  The form is then passed to a member of the Senior Leadership Team to authorise.  Please note: school staff cannot accept any medication that has not been signed off by this form.

All medication is kept in the child's classroom (except where medication needs to be refrigerated) and a record of administration is kept.


Team Teach Team Teach Ltd Careers and Current Employee Profiles | Find referrals |  LinkedIn

We are a Team Teach School.  Team Teach is all about de-escalation strategies and how to support children in crisis.  However, it may at times be appropriate to physically intervene.  Key staff have been trained to move, handle and hold children to keep them safe and only when it is in the best interests of the child.  We will only use Team Teach moving and handling techniques when:

  • a child is hurting themselves
  • a child is hurting someone else
  • a child is causing damage to school property
  • a child is committing a criminal offence
  • a child is demonstrating behaviours that are prejudicial to maintaining the good order and discipline either in school or when off site (e.g. attending a school trip).

The inclusion team works with every child after experiencing crisis to explore triggers and support needed to ensure crisis is avoided as much as possible.

Any incidents of moving and handling are recorded by school staff and parents are spoken to regarding what has happened and any further support that the school can offer children and families.

We comply with the Department for Education guidance regarding Use of Reasonable Force (2013), which can be found here.


Our inclusion team are keen to help in any way they can. Meet them here:


Ms Tomes - Assistant Headteacher leading on Behaviour and Inclusion 

Hi!  My name is Ms Tomes, and I am an Assistant Headteacher at Long Lawford Primary School. My role is to lead on Behaviour and Inclusion across the school. I joined LLPS in April 2021 but have many years experience in a variety of different school settings. I am really excited to be working with all the staff here and to be a part of the schools and children’s journey. Parents will often see me on the gate at the start or end of the day; please feel free to chat to me. Children will see me around school, checking in on how they are doing and making sure they are happy, safe and able to access their learning. Part of my job is to make sure all families and children have access to any support they need so that they are able to do their absolute best and achieve their goals. I love it when children share with me their successes and show me/talk to me about all the wonderful things they are doing both inside and outside of school.

Mrs Kelsall-Gooch - SENDCo 

Coming Soon!

Mrs McSweeney - Child and Family Lead 

My name is Mrs McSweeney, and I am the Child and Family Support Lead here at Long Lawford Primary School. As my job title suggests, I am here to offer help, support and encouragement to each of you. This includes any challenges, concerns or questions you may have about education, attendance, parenting or family relationships, to enable your children to feel safe and secure and therefore achieve their best here and on into the future.

What does she know??... I hear you ask. Well... I’m pretty old... and I have learnt a thing or three in my life! I am raising 4 wonderful children and I have worked in education for 15+ years. Life is never all plain sailing and the things that I have experienced help me to have an open heart and mind, to help without judgement... for an hour, a day, a week or even a year. If you ever need to chat you are always welcome to catch me in school or to call the school office to arrange a good time to come in.

Mrs Beaver - Learning Mentors 

Coming soon!

Miss Warr - Learning Mentor 

Hello, my name is Miss Warr. I have worked at Long Lawford Primary School for 6 years as a Teaching Assistant. I have recently started my new role as a Learning Mentor. This means I am here to support all children with any worries or concerns they may have whilst in school. My aim is to make the children feel happy, supported and settled through tailored interventions. These are designed to increase emotional literacy, resilience, social skills and self-esteem. I enjoy celebrating their successes and watching them grow. 

Miss Rees - Learning Mentor 

Hello, my name is Miss Rees and I work as a Learning Mentor at Long Lawford Primary School. This means that I am available for all the children to talk to about anything that they are finding concerning during their school day. This could be extra support during a tough time at home, difficulties in class, with friends, homework support etc. I have a very nurturing outlook and am often seen playing games and building lego models whilst engaging in conversations with children!

I have worked at this school in a support role for over 10 years and also have a daughter of my own. I look forward to working with your children whenever they need a little extra support to keep them moving forward.