About Us

Welcome to our school website

Whether you are new to the school, involved in the school now or an old friend, we hope you find all the information you need.

We consider ourselves an ‘ACE’ school and these simple three words form the basis of our ethos and values. We Achieve, Care and Enjoy.

One of our strengths at Long Lawford is we have a very caring school community.  We put the children in our care first and endeavour to create a secure and happy environment, where the children can achieve their best. Academic rigor is important to us and we expect every child to make excellent progress.

We believe that every child has the right to enjoy their time at school, so we strive to provide a rich variety of experiences which promote their personal, social, physical and creative development to ensure that our children have special and happy memories of their time at Long Lawford.

We pride ourselves on our wonderful children, staff and our school's welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Nicola Hetherington

Rosalyn Barton

Acting Head teachers

Vision and Values

Long Lawford Primary School is a vibrant, creative and caring learning community where every child is cherished and encouraged to do their best. 

We strive to foster creativity in our children and encourage them to become independent learners. Above all we believe in making learning fun

By providing the highest possible quality of teaching and learning we enable all children to achieve their full potential. Working together ensures that we promote a productive, caring and secure learning environment where every member of our school community feels valued and respected.

Our school values are that:

"together we are an ACE School"

Achieve  – we have the highest expectations

Care – we look after each other

Enjoy – we have fun every day