Online safety drop-ins

We are holding an Online Safety drop-in session for parents on Wednesday 5th December at 4:30pm in 1C. Please come along!

As part of our commitment to keeping children safe at all times, we’re holding two Online Safety drop-in sessions for parents. The aim of these is to discuss any concerns you may have with any of your children’s Internet capable devices which are currently in the home, or might be on their list for Christmas.

Prior to the bingo on Wednesday 5th December, class 1C will be open for parents to visit to find information about Internet Safety and ask questions which they may have. Where we don’t have the answers we’ll do our best to find things out and make sure you’re pointed in the direction. We will also be holding a second session during the afternoon of Wednesday 12th December.

There will be a number of members of staff on hand, including Mrs Hetherington and Mr Sutcliffe who have just attended the Warwickshire Online Safety conference, as well as Mrs McSweeney, our Family Support Worker. We will be sharing information about privacy settings, Internet filtering and protecting personal data.

We hope you will make use of the opportunity to find out more about how they can help your children use all this wonderful equipment as safely as possible.

Session 1:

Date: Wednesday 5th December

Time: 16:30

Location: 1C

Session 2:

Date: Wednesday 12th December

Time: 14:30

Location: TBC