Curriculum Questionnaire

Please help us with our curriciulum provision by completing this short questionnaire.

With the ever changing climate of school life evolving week by week, we want to gain a bigger and better picture of your thoughts about your children's learning. We want to look at this in three aspects: before Covid-19, during Covid-19 and what your child's learning could look like post Covid-19. Creating a curriculum that has your children's needs at the heart of it is our aim at Long Lawford Primary School. Our school aims (Love: we care for each other, Learn: we have a high quality curriculum, Persevere: we keep trying and Succeed: celebrate all of our successes) are at the forefront of our school and continue to be the aims we follow in creating a school your children thrive in. We appreciate all of your support with this questionnaire and hope it helps us to continue to support your child in all aspects of the curriculum. Please click on the link to complete the questionnaire or scan the QR code.